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Teknion: Reinventing the Modern Office Space

In the world of modern workplace design and functionality, there are trends, and then there is Teknion.  

Reshaping how we work and interact for nearly four decades, Teknion was founded in 1982 and is a Canadian manufacturer of contract office furnishings and demountable partitions. Headquartered in Toronto, they have established themselves as a global leader in workplace furniture with manufacturing centres in Canada, the US, Malaysia and the UK and sales offices and showrooms across the globe.

For the last 12 years, the Winnipeg showroom for Teknion has sat 15 floors above the bustle of Portage and Main. This 2,200 sq. ft mecca of style, comfort and workspace innovation features the company’s latest line of products and design inspiration. But, beneath the fabrics and colour palettes, you’ll find a business with an approach as innovative as the furniture they are known for.  

Another factor that sets Teknion apart from other furniture providers is that they are a proudly Canadian, vertically integrated manufacturer, with almost 90% of its products made in-house. With 2.4 million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide, the majority of Teknion products are made in its sixteen production facilities in Canada. 

Stacey Pediny, Territory Sales Manager for Manitoba, says this is one of the key differentiators to the Teknion culture.  

“True vertical integration allows us to control every element of production, quality control and ensures prompt delivery. It gives us free rein for creativity, allows for extraordinary custom designs, and offers exceptional flexibility in how orders are organized around the specific needs and expectations of each client we work with. It has also been key to minimizing supply chain disruption.” 

An equally refreshing approach is the organization’s commitment to sustainability. Using a variety of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that emphasize recycling and waste reduction while minimizing the use of toxic substances and volatile compounds emissions, Teknion ensures each piece of furniture achieves a harmonious balance between style and integrity.  

Teknion is proud to work with a wide range of national and regional clients in the Winnipeg market, with relationships in the banking, government, insurance, and private commercial sectors. As these and countless other businesses adopt a wellness and workplace happiness strategy, they look to Teknion to lead the way and create a workplace environment that is true to their unique culture. 

“Teknion is so much more than just office furniture,” remarks Stacey. “We share knowledge around industry trends and workplace strategy and, most recently, are helping clients navigate the re-activation of their workplaces while developing work-from-home policies. These elements combine to create a customized solution for each client and their space.”