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Taylor McCaffrey LLP elevates its client experience with move to 201 Portage.

Looking out from the 22nd floor at Portage and Main, Norm Snyder’s train of thought is focused on one thing: change. Across the horizon, harvest shades of auburn, magenta and canary dot the landscape as the beauty of Fall begins to blanket Winnipeg. Shifting his perspective to his interior surroundings, the Managing Partner and Chair of Taylor McCaffrey LLP can’t help but smile at the thought of change as he walks through the firm’s innovative and stylish new offices at 201 Portage.

The end of August signalled the start of an exciting new chapter for the law firm that was marked with one incredible change – a new address. On August 26th, Taylor McCaffrey and their 55+ leading lawyers made the move to 201 Portage and began settling into their new 39,000 sq.ft. mecca of client-focused space. It was a year-long labor of love for the law firm who poured their heart, soul, and creativity into creating a space that makes a statement to the legal industry and celebrates being at the centre of the city.

“With our firm’s growth and development in recent years, we needed a renovated new space that re-imagined the way we work, and we knew we wanted that space to be special. It had to be a reflection of who we are,” said Norm Snyder. “We wanted an exceptional, healthy work environment. It needed to promote collaboration and productivity. We started and finished the design process with both our clients and staff in mind.”

The results speak for themselves. As clients step off the elevators on the 22nd floor, they are drawn along the corridor to a reception area that overlooks the historic intersection of Portage and Main. Stylistic light and design features emphasize that visitors are standing at the heart of the city, but it’s the view that provides a full sensory experience. Natural light floods a reception area that is designed to promote client comfort. Extra high ceilings and exposed ductwork painted white help radiate the light, creating a warm and inviting environment.  Boardrooms are outfitted with leading edge technology to meet the needs of the firm’s clientele.

Exhibit A of Taylor McCaffrey’s vision for honouring their past while looking to the future is the recreation of ‘The Blackstone Lounge’, a special place in Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s office premises where clients and lawyers and staff interact with each other in an informal setting. Named after Sir William Blackstone, an eighteenth-century jurist who first chronicled the common law, the Blackstone Lounge provides an ideal space for Taylor McCaffrey’s lawyers to lead legal information seminars, host receptions, celebrate firm milestones and participate in client-centered events.

“We’re proud of this space. It puts our clients first and promotes the kind of camaraderie and cross-disciplinary teamwork that we are known for,” said Snyder. “We hope it shows that we care a great deal about what we do and who we do it for because that’s why we come to work every day.”

If the physical change wasn’t enough, the law firm also unveiled a refreshed brand identity and website ( in concert with the move to the iconic office tower. This new look is a modern expression of a law firm that has grown to become one of the best known in the Prairies.  Taylor McCaffrey LLP was listed as one of the Top 5 Prairie region firms in Manitoba by Canadian Lawyer magazine.

201 Portage is proud to be many things – the heart of the city and a tower that rises above any other – but more than that we are proud to be home to businesses like Taylor McCaffrey who live and breathe Winnipeg & raise the bar in their respective industries. With their innovative space, modern image and steadfast vision, the sky is truly the limit. 

We rest our case.