April 04, 2022 1:26 pm back to news

Making a Statement: The 201 Lobby Transformation

We here at 201 Portage often emphasize the importance of “Making a Statement” with your business.  

Well, now it’s our turn. 

It’s been a while since some of you have been to the building, and we’ve missed you.  While you were away, we’ve been busy with major work taking place, and we’re thrilled to say that our gorgeous new and improved fully refurbished lobby is nearing completion! 

From new atrium glass and marble flooring to an interactive lobby directory and soaring ceiling-to-floor windows, 201 Portage makes a statement from the moment you enter the new revolving doors, to the moment you leave for the day. 

Let’s start the tour, shall we?  

As you enter the new vestibule at the front entrance, you will be greeted by an extended lobby entry with new revolving doors. The new vestibule is designed to better regulate pressurization and maintain a comfortable temperature all year long, no matter how cold our Winnipeg winters get! And don’t worry; if revolving doors aren’t your thing, we still have standard swing doors available at the front entrance.  

As you walk in, you’ll notice the lobby floor is now completely covered in beautiful new dark grey marble tiles with white veining that carries throughout the open main floor space. All cut and polished in Italy, this tile is sure to give you an extra pep in your step when you arrive. The tile extends up the walls with a lighter, taupe marble extending to the ceiling.

Soaring windows give the lobby endless natural light, and don’t worry – if things get too bright or warm, new motorized roller shades have been installed to help reduce the solar gain. 

New structural pillars wrapped with aluminum composite panels have also been installed, which extend from the main floor through the 2nd level. There, you’ll find newly installed atrium glass which provides tenants a stunning view overlooking the main lobby.  

We’re also excited to unveil a new interactive directory that will guide you and help you uncover all the best parts of 201. Both with English and French options, the touch-screen display allows visitors and guests to search our tenant directory, as well as access maps of the property and its extensive walkway system. The directory has an accessibility option as well, which drops content lower on-screen for easier navigation.   

Finally, if face-to-face interaction is more your thing; a new concierge desk has been installed. The guard stationed here will be able to assist you with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

This transformation project won’t just give you a warm welcome to the tower; but clients, customers, and guests a fantastic first impression as well. 

And that’s not all. We’ve got more exciting news and announcements on the horizon for this upcoming year at 201 Portage, including a lobby unveiling, so stay tuned!