November 23, 2023 12:00 pm to November 23, 2023 1:00 pm back to events

Is Your Business AI-Ready?

Location: 201 Portage Conference Centre

Join guest presenter Ryan Bialek from Clear Concepts and learn the “What”, “Why”, and “How-To” of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

This exciting and engaging session will provide you with both the proper mindset and model to approach Generative AI in your business. Ryan will separate the AI hype from the practical potential, demonstrating a number of useful tools that can be leveraged today. Learn how to deploy AI for productivity, while your organization prepares for the long-term benefits of custom AI solutions. Discover the “Copilot Era” and how you can benefit from developing an AI Policy and improving your prompt skills.

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For most of his life, Ryan Bialek has been enthusiastic about technology – but he never thought he would build a career from his love of computers. Today, Ryan is a recognized advocate for the Microsoft Cloud, using his passion to help organizations digitally transform. Ryan has spent the last four years at Clear Concepts leading a Modern Workplace practice that has assisted hundreds of organizations realize the full potential of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Ryan provides leadership across a group of Software Trainers, Cloud Consultants, Data Scientists, and AI Developers.