March 30, 2022 3:26 pm back to news

Energy Saving Tips from 201!

April 22 is Earth Day.

It should come as no surprise that the world is moving toward a more energy-efficient, environmentally conscious mindset. Corporations, organizations, individuals, and businesses all have a social responsibility to make an honest effort to lower their carbon footprints and reduce energy consumption, all in the name of future generations.

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet”, and we here at 201 Portage are pleased to share with you some simple tips on how you and your staff can help lower energy consumption on a day to day basis!

  • – Turn computer monitors off when not in use – even if it’s only for 15 minutes!

  • – Avoid using automatic door openers simply for convenience as these use a lot of energy.

  • – Take advantage of natural light sources by moving office furniture closer to windows.

  • – When replacing old office equipment, choose Energy Star rated machines and appliances.

  • – Reduce phantom power consumption by unplugging any unused office equipment.

  • – Use timers to turn off printers, copiers, etc. overnight and on weekends.

  • – Choose a laptop vs. a desktop computer to reduce energy consumption.

  • – Close blinds during summer months to help reduce direct heat and cut down on AC.

  • – Install new lighting fixtures with motion sensors.

  • – Turn off the lights when you leave your office or in areas that are not in use.